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Welcome to King Louie, Hailing from Amsterdam the vintage look is first class with fun colourful designs! - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Welcome to King Louie, Hailing from Amsterdam the vintage look is first class with fun colourful designs!

Ok so we thought we would introduce you to one of our new selections this year. Its vintage inspired, here is their story from inception to their 35th anniversary last year, WE LOVE IT!

What started in the early 80's with finding vintage gear in Amsterdam became an international brand that's synonymous for freedom, optimism and individuality.

King Louie the story
The Story

“In 1981, we, Ann Berlips and George Cramer, started our business in Amsterdam. We met in high school. We had a shared interest in vintage clothing, and we quickly found various contacts where we could buy beautiful vintage clothing. We sold our finds at the Amsterdam Noordermarkt market, and from 1983 also in our first Exota shop in the Jordaan area. In the 1980’s, we introduced the very first product of our own label: a black turtle-neck that in those days was combined with Levi’s 501 jeans. There was so much demand for black turtle-necks, we could not find enough vintage ones. We have always been passionate about developing clothing that makes people happy. Vintage-inspired clothing, we designed the prints ourselves, with bright colours and a good fit. In the 1990’s, we moved our Exota shop to Hartenstraat in the 9-Streets area in the Amsterdam shopping district, and we are still there today. Some partnerships with other shops have continued for many years; our products are available in the most beautiful shops across Europe. We are very pleased with our partners, and also with the various manufacturers who make our products. We are committed to maximum fulfilment and that’s what we and our team get up for every day!”

Founders King Louie

Founders Ann Berlips and George Cramer in front of their Exota store in Amsterdam
in the early 80's.

1981 - Noordermarkt

Ann Berlips (22) and George Cramer (26) apply for a market licence. Real vintage fans, they start selling their best finds at the Amsterdam Noordermarkt. In between their studies and numerous student jobs, they look for vintage clothing in large halls. Their vintage clothing hits the spot: almost everything they display is sold quickly.

1983 - The first shop

Sales are going well, and the clothing stock does not fit Ann’s attic any more. Ann and George open their first shop in Nieuw Leliestraat in the Jordaan district in Amsterdam. It is full of young Amsterdam entrepreneurs. Ann and George call their shop ‘Exota’, after a lemonade brand that was big in the fifties. Their shop displays vintage pieces, second-hand clothing and designs of their own hand.

1984 - The brand

It is going well, and their own designs sell so fast that George and Ann decide on setting up their own label: King Louie. The very first design of the name is a black cotton ski pullover. Worn with Levi’s 501 jeans and broad belt, totally jazz (it was the eighties, you know).

1987 - Crossing borders

Other shops start selling King Louie clothes too, and George and Ann set up their own wholesale trade. Brigitte, one of the shop employees, doesn’t mind posing and becomes their number one model.

King Louie Fair Fashion
1991 - Petit Louie

King Louie introduces Petit Louie: a vintage inspired clothing line for kids!

1992 - Moving

‘Why don’t you move to Hartenstraat?’ said Marijke, the owner of vintage clothing shop Lady Day. The pair have grown out of their shop at Nieuwe Leliestraat. The 9-Street district has by now become one of the most fun shopping areas in the Dutch capital. No wonder that Exota is still in the same place!

2004 - The 2nd shop

What’s more, Exota opens its second shop in 2004 - right across from the first shop at Hartenstraat. This space is much-needed with the collection growing every year. King Louie’s children’s collection is launched: Petit Louie. All vintage inspired, of course.

2008 - Online Store

The rise of the internet is changing the world, and King Louie opens a webshop. The packages for Amsterdam are initially still delivered vintage style: hand-delivered with an old-fashioned delivery bicycle.

2009 - A new headquater

King Louie continues to grow, also abroad. The clothing gains in popularity in the home markets of the Netherlands and Belgium, and abroad in Germany, Switzerland, France and Denmark, later followed by shops in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Austria. They have about 1,000 customers now. To fulfil demand, the King Louie wholesale trade and the office move into a larger space near Westerpark in Amsterdam.

2018 - King Louie Flagship Store & Treasure Truck

The first King Louie brand store opens in Amsterdam. We also start a pilot with European agents: using the Treasure Truck as a unique tool for sales and presentation.

King Louie Treasure Truck
2019 - 35 years anniversary

2019 is a special year where we celebrate our 35th anniversary with two special collections: a Wedding collection and an Anniversary collection. We also opened two new stores: a King Louie store in Geneva (Switzerland) and an outlet in Batavia Stad (the Netherlands).

Welcome to King Louie


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