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Rock Revival & Miss Me Jeans

Rock Revival & Miss Me Jeans

Yes its that time of year when we bring denim instudio, and our range of denim is certainly unique and this year with the range of issues facing importing its added another layer of difficulty in bringing in designer denim. The sheer cost of freight menas small operators like us are at a big competitive disadvantage when bringing denim in, so thankfully we have managed to get a few designer barnds on board and we are using their freight accounts to import our denim. Thankfully with teh volume of denim the export we are able to ride off their coattails and use tehir competitive rates to import our denim at affordable prices. So far we have been able to keep them competitive with previous years. With all the inflationary prssures around atm its a minor miracle to be able to achieve this. So we encourage you to continue to purchase from us. Remember we can also bring in custom denim for you. Just text us on 0439 409 703 or email on and we will see what is available from Rock Revival Wholesale for your size and cut.


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