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Mens Moodboard - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Mens Moodboard

Ok so we thought we would do a snapshot for our guys for this summer of key pieces we love and treasure as key pieces for the season. Some of our faves are across ranges and styles. We love the Fidelity Jeans in the straight leg. For those that don't know Fidelity they are a small premium denim producer in the states, and are produced in the States, with their head office in LA. The denim is super soft and stretchy and its a fave of ours for spring and summer nights. For thos ehot summer days, we love the AFNF shorts and the Colours and Sons boardshorts. The Boardies are soft breatable and qick drying. While the Shorts are cotton, fitted and trendy for a slightly more stylish looking pair of summer shorts. In the Shirts we love the Linen Black and White shirt from Colours and Sons, and in the mens we love the bold zany floral shirt from AFNF, its so fun and zany and styles perfectly under our uber cool statement piece the Linen Check Blazer, why not look stylish with a blazer on this summer, and if its Linen then you won't sweat profusely when the heat is on. We love these designs for the guys, what do you think? 
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