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Lula Life & Lula Soul - Sisterly Love S20 - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Lula Life & Lula Soul - Sisterly Love S20

Lula Life & Lula Soul - Sisterly Love S20

Lula SoulOk so they are both Lula Life and Lula Soul hail from Australian Designer Tyson Edwards, she is very quietly spoken and certainly not an attention seeker lol. Her love of fabric and design is well know. So its sometimes hard to seperate, here is a descriptive of both. We love both equally, and pick on design each season.

Lulalife is your wardrobes everyday vacation brand taking you on a creative journey filled with vibrant patterns and colours, with a focus on natural fabrics. The vast selection of resortwear by Lulalife is affordable and perfect for every age and body type alike. The elegant Lulalife pieces capture femininity and individuality everyday. Each collection is inspired by Australia and far off places, capturing the spirit of the modern woman.

Lula Soul is a comfortable but elegant way of life. With its luxe, textured fabrics and its intricately adorned finishes, Lula Soul offers timeless sophistication. Lula Soul is designed with love to flatter women of all ages and sizes but give them the beauty and exquisite detailing they deserve.

Lula Soul offers relaxed silhouettes with exquisite detailing...and every woman deserves that in their life.

So there you have it any more defined over either? Though not, thats us too lol. We love them both and are sure that once you get familiar with both of them that you will love her design and selection of fabrics for both Lula Soul & Lula Life.

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Lula Life & Lula Soul - Sisterly Love S20


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