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King Louie's - Fantastic Tights for Work & Play!

King Louie's - Fantastic Tights for Work & Play!

King Louie is renowned for its Tights and the quality and pricepoint are hard to beat they go for around $29 on average and are made of varying densities and fabrics to suit different conditions. We love them and this season we have King Louie Tights in Solid Colours, we have 4 colours this season. They are Dragonfly Green, Dark Navy, Thyme Green & Ribbon Red. The solid tights are 120 denier and made from Polyamide and Polyester to ensure durability and help stop pulls. We also have Modal Tights with 120 denier (slightly thicker and warmer) in Dark Blue and Micro Tights in 40 denier in black and dark Navy (more lightweight for warmer weather). The Micro Tights are also made from Polyamide and polyester. 

So there is certainly plenty of choice and we hope you enjoy!

King louie Solid Tights Navy Blue

King Louie Black Tights



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