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King Louie Winter 21 - Konnichiwa from Japan! - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

King Louie Winter 21 - Konnichiwa from Japan!

Konnichiwa from Japan!

This winter King Loiue are going on a trip to Japan. Strong Asian influences inspire their new autumn / winter collection. US American preppy vibes from the 50s provide a sophisticated twist.

King Louie Fall / Winter 2020 Collection - Japan Theme

Tokyo is not only one of the largest fashion metropolises in the world, but is also known to vintage lovers. This is their keyword because they are all about vintage! Despite the fast-paced Tokyo city life, they are drawn to the relaxed atmosphere of the city and its residents. This Tokyo coolness runs through the entire collection.

Uniform culture

The architectural aesthetics as well as the breathtaking flora of Japan are reflected in the unique, colorful prints and the strong color palette. Typical elements of the new looks are kimono-inspired jackets and floral prints. The colors are deep and warm. They find a contrast to Japanese romanticism in the country's uniform culture, inspired by life on the street, worn by the workers of Tokyo. The workwear-inspired overalls and two-piece suits break up the romance in a charming way and ensure cool nonchalance.

King Louie Design Styles this Winter

Preppy chic

Japan meets preppy chic! What was worn in American universities in the 1950s is now a cult. The current collection includes a variety of vintage-inspired classics from that time, such as checked blazers, elaborately knitted tank tops and cardigans, but also baseball-inspired blousons that are decorated with Japanese embroidery.


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