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Ivko W24 Capsule Overview

Ivko W24 Capsule Overview

Ivko w24 is another immaculate collection with amazing styling and designs, that are constantly evolving fitting in with IVKO'S brief of innovation and success. We encourage you to see the new range online. Here is a brief of Ivko an their amazing tea.

IVKO Woman specializes in designing and creating high class woven and knitted garments combining exceptional craftsmanship with state of the art knitting technology. They use only the finest natural fabrics and fibers in producing an exquisite range of fashion designed for the modern, independent woman.

Ivko’s success story began in 1986 when opened a small knitting workshop in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. During the 1990s production moved to Belgrade, Serbia, where several years later, the once modest family business turned into a fully fledged fashion brand. Today, Ivko Woman is a globally distributed fashion label with products stocked in major fashion stores across the world.

Repeated customer satisfaction and praise at major industry fairs around the world tell their story of innovation and success . This may be due to the fact that they still perform with the same passion as we did almost three decades ago. Instead of trying to guess what the next big trend in fashion might be, they let their products evolve in a natural, 'organic' way.


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