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Ivko Sunset Motif Collection - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Ivko Sunset Motif Collection

The Sunset Motif

New in from Ivko we have the latest and greatest Sunset Motif, its almost Missoni inspired in its design with eclectic stripes and designs (at a fraction of the price lol). In this design we have favoured the black wash as we love the contrast and styling on the bolder colours offset against darker tones. We have a Dress, Coatigan, Cardigan and skirt in this design. Again mostly only 1 off sizes so once its gone, its gone. The fabric is egyptain cottons blended with almost silk quality viscose, so even though its a knit its super lightweight and can be worn throughout summer. Fit wise it runs loose so go down a size.

The Sunset Motif From Ivko!


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