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Desigual W23 - A New Journey

Desigual W23 - A New Journey

Desigual enters a new and exciting chapter in its journey, with a campaign shot in New York by a team of top talents.


February, the month that commands the attention of the fashion industry in Australia, as we launch Desigual's FW23 campaign. With a powerful and clear message, the brand is launching a global invitation for everyone to discover its new designs for this season.

Desigual shuns artifice and lets the looks do the talking: the layering and bold combinations express the brand's dynamism, character and positive attitude.

With this aspirational statement, Desigual is asserting itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. The brand's objective is to reconnect with its audience while also seducing a new generation of female shoppers. All these women have something in common: the desire to express their true personality through the clothes and accessories they choose. Desigual wants to become a beacon for them and through this campaign it aims to capture their attention as well as their admiration.

The looks, in detail

Model Grace Elizabeth - who has worked with Victoria's Secret and Esteé Lauder and walked the runway for Fendi, Chanel and Schiaparelli - is the star of the campaign.

desigual w23

To assert the essence of the brand, black-and-white images take centre stage in the campaign.

desigual Knitwear

The campaign also makes room for knitwear,. Desigual has gone with this fluffy multicoloured jumper featuring a fur texture. Another trend that is gaining ground this autumn is craftcore, which translates into crochet textures with an artisanal feel. Desigual plays with this to create expansive coats, which completes a look based on layering and the contrast between seasons, volumes and prints.desigual denim

Denim, one of the hallmarks of Desigual, dominates the above image, while the denim is more subdued that previous seasons, its fresher and youger in design.

In short, this campaign and collection presents a new Desigual: bolder, younger and with more elevated and high-fashion codes.


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