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Denim - The Differences

Denim - The Differences

The main differences between cheaper acid-washed denim and high-quality double-stitch denim are in the fabric quality, construction, and finish. Lets explain these in more detail, so hopeflly you will see the value in the denim.

Fabric Quality:
Cheap acid-washed denim is typically made from low-quality cotton with a rougher texture and a thinner, less durable feel. It often has a more uniform appearance with a flat color and may show signs of wear and tear after a short period of use. On the other hand, high-quality double-stitch denim is made from premium, heavy-duty cotton that is more resistant to wear and tear. It has a thicker, softer feel and a deeper indigo color that develops a unique patina over time with use and washing.

Cheap acid-washed denim is often made with lower quality construction methods, such as single-needle stitching and fewer seams. This can result in weaker seams that are more prone to splitting or fraying. In contrast, high-quality double-stitch denim typically uses double-needle stitching and reinforced seams, which make the fabric more durable and resistant to damage.

The acid wash process used on cheap denim often leaves it with an uneven, faded appearance, and may also weaken the fibers in the fabric. This can cause the denim to wear out more quickly and lose its color faster. High-quality double-stitch denim, on the other hand, is typically dyed with natural indigo and has a more even, consistent color. It may also have additional finishing treatments, such as a light wash or sanding, to give it a more refined, comfortable feel.

Overall, high-quality double-stitch denim is a superior choice for those who want a durable, comfortable, and stylish denim garment that will last for years to come, while cheap acid-washed denim may be a more budget-friendly option that sacrifices quality for affordability.


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