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Cienna Design's Indonesian hand made Ponchos

Cienna Design's Indonesian hand made Ponchos

Cienna Designs Knits are made from a Mohair/Acrylic Blend – so not only are they very warm, they’re also incredibly soft to wear – and not at all scratchy on the skin.

These knits are not mass produced – they are created by hand with the old traditional knitting machines in Indonesia. we love bringing them in as they are a super soft traditional fabric that is far more environmentally friendly as opposed to more mass produced designs that use far more chemicals that are often untreaded, and disposed of in the water system. We have two of these amazing knits to hand atm, the Nia Poncho pictured below with a loose shawl neck, and the Danny poncho which is the featured image and comes with a more box shape and tassels. Both the Nia and Danny ponchos are moving out quickly, don't miss out on your piece of environmentally friendly handmade indonesian ponchos.

Cienna Designs Nia Poncho


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