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4 Fashion Trends this Winter 2023

4 Fashion Trends this Winter 2023

Winter fashion trends are always changing, and this season is no exception. Here are some of the highlights to keep an eye out for.

Shades of Brown

Brown is everywhere this winter and is being used as an accent colour in most designs. We love seeing interesting designs that incorporate brown as a way to add a little extra flair. You'll notice brown in many of the Ivko designs this winter, as well as some of the trans-seasonal pieces from Ruby Yaya. It's not a dominating feature, but it adds a nice touch to the overall look.

Ivko PulloverTinta long sleeve

Sweater Vests

One of the newer winter fashion trends we're excited about is the sweater vest. It's an emerging trend that's set to be even bigger next winter. As we all know, winter fashion is all about layering, and the sweater vest is the perfect piece to invest in. Layer it over a crisp white shirt and under a coat for those chilly days.

Ivko Vest


Whether you love them or not, flares and baggy jeans are in and they're not going anywhere. If you're not ready to try full-on 70s bellbottoms, opt for flares that are slightly straighter. You might be surprised by how flattering they can be if you find the right cut.

Flared Jeansflare jeans

Shades of Green

Green is another trendy colour this season, and there are so many different shades to experiment with. From deep, rich tones to more subtle shades like sage, there's something for everyone. Green looks great on all skin tones and adds a nice pop of colour to your winter wardrobe, which is probably filled with black.

Ivko Green


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