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Welcome to La Strada

Welcome to La Strada

Well there is plenty of change around at the moment as we exit 2-3 designers and start to wlecome some new ones. The first entry in our new selection is La Strada. We have received lots of feedback that with teh excessive heat out west people are chasing Cottons silk or linens as opposed to man made fibres. La Strada ticks these boxes and we love their designs. This is a teaser from them with a top and a long sleeve shirt. We hope you Enjoy Here is a quick blurb on La Strada
La Strada, the must have brand by HotIce Collections. Designed in Australia it features pieces made in Italy, out of beautiful natural LINEN and Luxurious SILK fabrics. 

European styling for women of all shapes and sizes, Dresses, Tops and Pants to flatter the figure. La Strada is available in 4 sizes –  S, M, L, XL the sizing is Small is a loose 8 and XLarge is a loose 14-16., even though the size chart indicates a 16-18.

La Strada Shirt


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