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Telling Our Story

Telling Our Story

So we thought we might tell our story and fill you in on who we are what we do and our Journey in Small Business so far. It always makes... Read More
Ruby yaya Latest designs - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Ruby yaya Latest designs

Plenty of new Ruby designs just in, we have topped up on some sizes in the previously sold out Valeria long sleeves in the Red and Navy blue styles. We... Read More
Palm Springs Anyone - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Palm Springs Anyone

Palm Springs Patchwork Designs Ok Houston we have a problem lol, our love of patchwork designs for summer is back with a bang, with 4 new designs from Lula Life... Read More
Ruby Yaya - New Season Designs - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Ruby Yaya - New Season Designs

Three new styles from Ruby on their way the Redgate print Halter and the Redgate print Midi dresses, both in Navy and Red. Plus we have some amazing Ruby yaya spring... Read More
Ruby yaya - The Barsi Print - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Ruby yaya - The Barsi Print

Its on its way and we love it, in 3 new designs, the maxi skirt, the bomber jacket and the tie dress. The Barsi print is a fave of ours... Read More