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Rock Revival Jeans & True Religion Jeans - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Rock Revival Jeans & True Religion Jeans

Ok so often we get asked to compare these two denim brands and people want to know what the difference is between the two denim brands, so we go to the analogy of comparing different bottles of wine as an example. So lets say for Example a True Religion is a $ 50-60 dollar bottle of wine and the Rock Revivals are a $30-35 bottle. Having sold both the difference is minor, the major difference is in the softness of the denim and as far as we are concerned its only minor as the premium cotton isnt in general as good as it used to be, and while True religion uses the italian cottons the difference between is minimal, fit in both is neck and neck many have said the fits are almost exactly the same. We believe that Rock Revival $ for $ is a better value buy. However if you are talking top of teh market in double stitch denim then True Religion is still the best but its up to you if you are prepared to pay almost double the price (most rocks are around 250 odd, most true religion are between $400-$600)

Here are some current images of Rock Revival Styles now instudio

Rock Revival Sundress

Rock Revival Jeans


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