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Loose Weave and Open Knit Jumpers for Autumn

Loose Weave and Open Knit Jumpers for Autumn

Yes its that time and the open chunky knits are back in force this winter, and everyone has their own version. Cienna have their unique indonesian loose weave no arm knits, made with acrylic (very soft acrylic) its hand sown in indonesia on the old machines, the fabric is fab and proving very popular this winter, cienna have done 3 of theses styles all 3 so far have sold out, and two have been restocked. Ivko has the open loose weave cocoon style with loose arms. Its a Wool 75%, Viscose 21%, Polyester 4% blend and is next level in terms of designs and fabric (hence the pretty pricepoint lol), finally Desigual have done several loose weave designs this autumn and the loose weave in a pullover and an open knit is more their cool yet eclectic street style this autumn. They are all interesting and unique, the quality of fabric obviously varies with the pricepoint we love all of them and hope you love them too. Hopefully they help keep you warm this autumn where the cool mornings and evenings are a good chance to wear some of these beauties. 

Cheers to Autumn!

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