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Cienna Designs Silk Blend Garments, Quirky designs you'll Love - Three Bears  #threebearsperth

Cienna Designs Silk Blend Garments, Quirky designs you'll Love

Cienna Designs Silk blend Garments

Love these guys the quality of fabric and pricepoint is exceptional. We thought that Cienna Designs Silk Blend designs would be a fun cost effective ad on. Very quickly we have realised that they are a super value for money, and they add on to any of our current runs of styles online. The quality of Viscose and Silk and Polyester and Silk blends are exceptional. We were sceptical of the quality before receiving our first drop. We very quickly realised that these designs punched way over their weight. There are two styles they do and its based on fabric the polyester silk blend and the viscose silk blend. the skirts and dresses tend to be the most popular and the shirts in viscose and silk are equally as popular.

Cienna Designs is Creative and Chic with a beautiful collection of ethically made pieces. We are proud to support small family business and cottage industry where production is made in India and Indonesia.

Australian designed for the Free Spirit within. Cienna supports Fair Trade and Slow Fashion. All our manufacturers work in good working conditions, Fair Wages and are approved by Government officials.

Cienna is made with striking colours and prints with style, comfort and individuality in mind and is inspired by Travel, Love and Nature!

We hope you Enjoy!

Cienna Designs

Cienna Designs

Cienna Designs


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