Jennifer is a passionate fashion & textile designer, who was an early adopter of technology in the fashion space, clocking up many years of experience to become an industry leader and is also the current digital design content expert at South Metro TAFE, in the fashion department. 

Jennifer’s fashion background is in designing for the major fashion accounts (Myers, Target, Sportsgirl, etc) in Melbourne, using programmes like Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop for storyboards and textile design.

With years of experience designing and then teaching at TAFE, Jennifer has been able to simplify the design process into easy and manageable digital techniques, also using some of the advanced techniques used in textile design, incorporating these skills to create a professional digital pattern making and grading process.

Now Jennifer gets to share all these years of learning and experience with you!

Digital pattern making, pattern grading, textile design, fashion design, illustrator, photoshop

Textile Design / Surface Design / Watercolour painting to Repeat / Trade Drawing / Tech Packs (Garment Production) / Digital Pattern Making / Digital Garment Block Drafting / Digital Pattern Grading / Fashion Lookbook (Print Publishing) / Basic Photo Editing


Group Workshops | School Workshops | Corporate Workshops | One-On-One

Group workshops are the main focus, with pricing being set for groups. Please get in touch with Jennifer (see email below) for one-on-one prices or corporate workshops

  • Digital Textile Design Workshop in Adobe Illustrator
  • Watercolour to Textile Repeat in Photoshop
  • Digital Pattern Making (Garments Patterns) - Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a Lookbook (Book) - Adobe InDesign
  • Digital Trade Drawings - Adobe Illustrator
  • Watercolour to POD
  • Digital Design - Design Your Own 

Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / Indesign / Acrobat DC / Excel / Canva / Procrate 

  • Group Workshops: 5 to 8 People (in Studio)
  • One-on-one Workshops: Tailored to your needs - Prices TBA
  • Corporate Workshops: 5 to 20+ People (on-site) - Prices TBA

Inquiries: or to join the workshop newsletter with dates and expressions of interest