Our Environmental Footprint

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At Three Bears we care about the enironmental footprint we create. We’re aiming to be as transparent as possible with our customers about our morals, ethics and environmental policies of the brands we stock.

This is a new initiative we are doing, and we realise that its an improtant aspect of our moral fibre, and helps people understand us and hopefully help us improve our mark on the planet. We will constantly update information from all our brands. We will continue to evolve, and we will update you on any new relevant information.

Currently our end, we are trying to reduce our use of plastic. We use Recycled silk sari drawstring bags for most of our purchses (bigger items like bags etc just dont fit in unfortunately. We have also recently started using compostable Hero bags and these are also reuseable(two sealable strips provided. While this still isnt perfect by any means. Its a step in the right direction and sourcing the silk sari's and compositble bags is obviously an extra cost that we try and to to help be more environmentally aware and responsible.

We have endeavoured to contact all brands to try and get direct information about policies and initiatives. In some cases they already have information which we have accessed off their site, we will continue to update as new information comes to hand.

Please note that If your brand is listed and you wish to update or change information please email us at colin@threebearsclothing.com.au .

We are also highlighting the initiatives we at Three Bears are taking as a business to reduce our footprint on the planet. We are certainly not perfect and this is a long term project that we are committing to. Eventually we want to show that we care and we want to try help make the world a better place. Hopefully we can achieve that, of course with your ongoing support. Here's to a better planet that our kids can enjoy hopefully just as much as us :).

Here are our brands footprints and their take on how they can reduce their impact on the planet.

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here is a brief overview of the information provide to us by these key brands which we stock.

Basically they are targeting 100% sustainable cotton by 2025, phasing out of single use plastics by 2021, and reducing their carbonb footprint by 25% by 2025.

Here is the Blurb

At Desigual we know that the best way to feel good is to do good.

We have always stood for authenticity, equality, diversity and the freedom to express your desires, something that sets us apart as a responsible and conscientious brand.

We also know that what we do has an impact on people and the environment.

Which is why we want to grow in a sustainable and sustained way, and for our footprint as a brand to be positive.

At Desigual we believe…
  • in fashion that is inclusive and celebrates diversity;
  • in people and our environment;
  • that dressing is a declaration of intent, and in designing clothes that help people to tell their story;
  • in the “I can do anything today” feeling and that looking good doesn't depend on age, gender or culture;
  • and that everyone should be able to say, think, believe, love and dress freely, and never be persecuted or questioned for it.

One of the main pillars of our 2020-2023 Sustainability and CSR Plan is the product, incorporating sustainability criteria that cover its entire life cycle, from the selection of raw materials to manufacturing and logistics processes.

We are progressively introducing sustainable fibers into our collections and working to improve the traceability of these fibers.

At Desigual, we are highly committed to the health and safety of our customers. This is demonstrated by the fact that within the Quality Department we have a specific Product Health and Safety department to guarantee that our garments are properly tested and fall within legal parameters.

Ivko Logo

IVKO Woman – Sustainibility facts
IVKO Woman is a brand that has, to a large extent, been working under conditions that enhances sustainability, Since the company/brand has been started. IVKO is a family run business that has both the design and the entire production process, in its own hands. Everything is produced in Serbia. Almost entirely, about 90% of all production is done in company’s production mill. Ivko Woman is predominantly a knitwear producer. Since the foundation IVKO is committed to the use of the highest quality yarns, spun of natural, biodegradable fibers. IVKO source all the yarns from the most renowned Italian spinners. More than 85% of all threads used in the production are made of merino wool, cotton, and linen fibers (rest of the yarns used are mostly yarns made of viscose fiber, a “semi” natural fiber since its source is as well coming from nature). Viscose yarns are sourced from EU based Italian spinning company that fully complies with the rigid environmental standards for production. As well, since years company has been extending a part of the production with organic certified wool and cotton yarns, which constitutes about 10% of production today.
Ivko Woman uses the highest knitting technology – the shaping of the garment parts are done almost entirely on the knitting machine, thus significantly reducing off cut waste created in the later production process. Products are made of the pre-dyed yarns, so the use of the water at Ivko premises is reduced to a minimum amount necessary to achieve the physical stability of a final product.
Detergents and softeners used are organic certified, with low environmental impact. Cut waste is fully reused – at the control of the company; all the cut waste is combed back to fibers and then sold to a company that creates a nonwoven fabric used in the furniture industry. The company will maintain its development while focusing even more on sustainable production in the future.
The company already switched from conventional electricity sources to use of green electricity to power the production plants, design premises, offices and shops. All the hanging labels and packaging cartoon boxes are made of FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council™ - global not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests).
The Company is committed to measures that will further reduce the negative environmental impact like:
-eliminating the use of plastic materials for packing of single products;
-wastewater treatment that will enable reuse of the water thus reducing the overall water consumption;
-reduction of the use of oil for heating of premises by turning to heat pump heating systems.
The company fully complies with all local employment regulatory requirements that have been verified by the Fair Wear foundation audit. The company is considering acquiring the Fair Wear certificate in the coming period.
Ruby yaya logo
Rubyyaya celebrates the duo’s love of travel and artisanal products while promoting fair labour practices. Rubyyaya is designed to offer countless combinations of effortless elegance. The Rubyyaya brand targets an attitude rather than age and offers a refreshing sense of escape.
Their parent company, Function Design Group, believes in a better world for all. They’re aware of their social responsibility and their factories are accredited with SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
They’re committed to their responsibility of improving themselves in all keys areas to protect our planet's health and respect towards life.
We want to come up with new ways with reducing wastage, currently we use plastic satchels and plastic zip bags for all our parcels, we are currently sourcing Recycled silk sari bags and looking at Charities that we can contribute towards to help us keep Carbon Neutral. Its a bit of a quandry as we want our orders to be beautiful and pretty, without being degrading on the environment, so its something we are continuing to look at to see if we can further improve and reduce our footprint.
WHAT WE STAND FORSustainable, social & fair

We want to actively contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable. Read more about our philosophy, where we are today and what we are planning for the future.

King Louie

This is King louie Here is their Mission for their Fashion Footprint it's inspiring have a read!

We want every woman to be who she wants to be and to do what makes her happy. With sustainable and idiosyncratic creations, we encourage, inspire and support women to go their own way.

Long lasting products

We develop clothing that is timeless and has a long lifespan. We make fashion of high quality with a good fit and optimal choice of fabrics. This creates pieces that you can wear with joy for many years. Because we are inspired by vintage designs, a King Louie item never goes out of style.

Honest and fair

Our clothing is socially responsible and produced under fair conditions. We are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and are in close contact with all of our partners and producers. We enter into long-term partnerships. We have been working with some of our producers for over 20 years - convinced that together we can achieve more.


We make no secret of where our products are made. In our online shop, we publish the factory in which it was manufactured for each product.

Green team

In 2019 we set up the Green Team internally - a diverse team of colleagues from all departments and levels. Together they look for improvements and ways in which we can make both our production and our everyday office life even more sustainable.

33% sustainable materials

We strive to use more sustainable and innovative materials for each new collection. 33% of the 2020 summer collection is made from sustainable fabrics. We have switched a large part of our Classics and our complete denim range from conventional cotton to organic cotton.

The factory where our denim fabric is made uses what is called D-Clear technology, which saves a lot of water during the production and dyeing process. Compared to normal denim, this new technology uses 40% less water for dyeing and 83% less water for finishing than conventional methods. The use of harmful chemicals is also reduced by 94% with this technology.

In addition to organic cotton, we use recycled polyester and tencel. A new material is EcoVero, the sustainable version of Viscose.


We adhere to the active principle that hazardous chemicals must not form part of our supply chain.
The European Chemicals Regulation (REACH) and the EU-wide regulation on persistent organic pollutants (POP) define the limits that companies are subject to with regard to the use of chemicals. The result is a list of restricted substances, in short RSL (Restricted Substances List), which is also binding for our manufacturers. In the RSL, 22 groups of chemicals are limited or prohibited, such as azo dyes, nickel, chromium VI, perfluorinated chemicals and phthalates. Our RSL exceeds the legal requirements in many cases. We also work with many companies that meet the OEKO-TEX criteria. The independent and globally operating bureau VERITAS regularly conducts random checks to determine

Swap clothes for a good cause

In June 2019 we organized our first Swap to Shop event in Amsterdam. Anyone who brought a piece of clothing could choose a new piece by King Louie. We then combined the pieces we brought with us with other King Louie pieces and donated these outfits to Dress for Success. Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that helps low-income people prepare for an interview. And of course that also includes a good outfit.

Goals and ideas for the future
50% sustainable materials by 2022

By 2022, we want to have replaced 50% of the conventional materials in our collection with sustainable variants. For organic cotton, we've set the goal even higher. Currently (as of spring 2020) the proportion of organic cotton in all cotton products is 46%. We want to increase this proportion to 75% by 2022.

Duurzame materials
To deceive

In the future we want to stimulate the swapping of clothes. We would like to organize swap parties and make it possible to swap worn King Louie clothing via our online shop.

Closed circle

We have the dream that worn-out King Louie pieces will be recycled and thus become raw materials for new materials. The first contacts with potential partners have been made and we hope to be able to start a first pilot project in 2020.

To reduce

We should all buy less clothes and wear the clothes we own longer. We speak out openly against fast fashion. Due to our high quality standards, our clothing can be worn for many years.


Imagine you can send broken clothes to us and we will fix them for you. We are currently investigating the possibility of offering you this service in the future.


Renting is the new buying. In the future, we would like to rent out certain clothing, for example for special occasions.