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The Futue of Bricks & Mortar

The Futue of Bricks & Mortar
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Well the global internet age is on us, and as consumers gradually switch over to bulk service online template platforms like Amazon and Ebay, retail stores start to loose their relevance, and more importantly traction. Its clear that the younger generation don't shop instore anymore, or if they do, they don't do it at a commercial quantity like they used to. The closure of Transit Clothing locally in Perth merely reinforces this. So with the changing landscape what do we want, do we want to travel, do we want more breakfasts and coffee? Are people spending more on their travels? What does Experience mean, why is it the buzzword, and why do selfie walls become increasingly important?

Too many questions to address here in one article, the main focus is on the survival of bricks and mortar. In a fairly bleak Australian retail landscape (even worse in Western Australia) you are sure to see bulk closures similar to 3-4 years back when retail strips like Oxford street in Sydney and other strips like Bridge Road and Chapel Street, all of which have had mass closures, sadly only astute well managed cash flow businesses were able to survive. Its clear that consumers need to support retail bricks and mortar stores more than ever before. We hope they do, but it appears that this landscape is about to change again in a big way, who knows where we are headed, sadly retail is one of the biggest employment industries and its destined to change forever! Whoever survives this retail commercial rent apocalypse needs a gold medal lol! We have some fresh ideas on where to go we will keep you posted as this world evolves at a rapid pace.


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