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Stand out from the Crowd with Desigual

Stand out from the Crowd with Desigual
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Okay so a brief intro on Desigual pronounced  in Spanish: [desiˈɣwal], Catalan: [dəziˈɣwal], and meaning "unequal or uneven". Desigual is  headquartered in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.Its designs are characterised by patchwork, intense prints, graffiti art, asymmetry and bright colours. Making it a must have statement piece in every wardrobe. Founded in 1984 by Swiss businessman Thomas Meyer on the island of Ibiza, Desigual was managed by Manel Adell from 2002 until December 2013. Manel Jadraque then became the new CEO.

Desigual sells men's, women's, children's clothing, accessories and women's shoes. 

Desigual claims to have a philosophy based on positivity, tolerance, commitment and fun. Each season the Desigual design team, comprising 25 designers, prepares a collection of over 1,000 items, including clothes and accessories, built around a unified concept.

Some of the concepts used by the company are Real Life, Magic Stories, Luxury Feelings, Me&You, Better&Better, Wow, Life is Cool, All Together and Handmade.

Their design campaigns and marketing are always forward and innovative. They are an innovator not a follower, someone to jump onboard with early if you want to embrace a trend, not a brand that follows meekly with trends past their use by date. We source a healthy collection and outside of the store based in Melbournes CBD source Australia's biggest boutque selection. We encourage you to get on board early we their new designs and innovations. as Desigual says "Its Desigual Baby"

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