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Spring Designs - Colours of the Season

Spring Designs - Colours of the Season
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The Colours this season are diverse and range from bold oranges topped off with some purples hues and dark and light blues, along with rich tropical greens and  some yellow accents. The designs vary with inspiration from mostly tropical or African influences, following on from African influences in Winter. The fabrics tend to have a strong Linen focus this summer with lots of neutral Linens in bottoms and Overalls are also back in vogue. Here are some of our bolder season pics of designs that are on trend and styled for Spring/Summer.

Ivko tropical top

This blue tropical inspired top worn by in-house model Belinda Goddard shows the tropical prints coming through with those rich lush topical plants and vibrant colours.

This Ruby top shows the darker Indiggo blues coming through this season, wraps are also more common place with their adaptability to fit difffering shapes and sizes!

Ivko linen dress 

The linen dress from Ivko shows off the Aboriginal designs and comes in a stunning fit, fitting all shapes and sizes! There are also a range of more basic linen designs from Lula Soul and Shanty Studio both of which are superb in fit and function. 

Lastly the main orange colour, its shown well in two designs this Desigual mens shirt and the bomber jacket below, the pink parka jacket is also a beautiful design and its got a play on pink merging with this seasons colours

desigual mens

Desigual Bomber jacket

Desigual Parka Jacket

The last main design feature to show is the African designs and the most obvious african influences come from A fish named Fred in the guys. The african Shirt shows off the african features and of course the ever verbose and gregarious LION lol!

A Fish Named Fred


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