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Ivko Winter 2018

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It’s time to get out all that money you’ve saved from Christmas and treat your self because Ivko have recently released their new campaign of AW18 which has the best knits for this year. 


Ivko Woman specialises in creating very high quality knitted garments. The best part? They use the finest natural fabrics and fibres when they produce their garments for the independent woman. Their customers are constantly satisfied with their garments, which reflects just how successful Ivko is. Ivko put so much dedication in every garment they make; whether it’s a dress, a jacket or a cardigan every woman will feel gorgeous in. Ivko is from Belgrade, Serbia. Their garments are bursting with vibrant colours.


For Winter 2018, we have lots of Eastern European floral, subdue geometric and geometric patterns. The many colours are navy blues, greens, purples, beiges, reds, yellows, oranges and pinks. The fabrics include wool, cotton, nylon and viscose. Ivko have now just bought out a 100% organic cotton range which is gorgeous. 

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