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Dear Friends We Are Moving - It's very close!

Dear Friends We Are Moving - It's very close!
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dear friends we are moving

Yes its that time when change is in the air and new opportunities beckon, we have been on Cambridge Street now for 10 years and have had lots of ups and downs here in a tumultuous 10yrs, we are incredibly grateful for all your ongoing support and we hope we wont loose you during the changeover period!

We are changing our business model somewhat and shrinking back on a lot of brands that are actively brought online overseas, as we realise that the internet until its controlled externally by the country in which you live will continue to cause some varying pricepoints for consumers and the more people who buy abroad online, the less long term choice domestically they will be giving themselves for that brand of choice. Anyway I digress the exciting thing is we have  a new home Studio that we are working round the clock to try bring up to speed as quickly as possible. There are lots of positives including more flexibility with hours (sunday and early evening isn't a problem, just text). Also we will have more time to find new interesting brands and designs before they get too big. Plus we will have a quieter more relaxed setting where we can make more of an event out of the shopping so there are many positives that we believe will help, make it a better shopping experience for all involved, and we thank you for your patience.  here are some happy snaps of the current progress. At this stage we are hoping to be at the studio Mid to late October.






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