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Is Social Media Creating Narcissism & Delusional Aspirations

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Recently I have taken over our Instagram account, plus most of our social media. I have been working hard to create original content, particularly photos, learning more about the platform, plus working on my photography (thank you Peter McKinnon what would I do without you).

Peter Mckinnon

There is some amazing content out there but in the fashion space there seams to be a lot of celebrity worshiping, aspirational handbag / belt shots. Surely there is much more to fashion than that? Don’t get me wrong I like a pretty bag just as much as the next girl, but what I want is authenticity and peoples own personal style to make it through the other noise! The other thing that I find, and I'm sure I am not alone, I find there are so many photos that get re-posted & re-posted. Hence you get the same photo coming across your feed 10 times.

There are some amazing people and brands with a real sense of style that are worthy of you following on Instagram (even if they are not related to our boutique):

Iris Apfel – 96-year-old new Yorker

Iris Apfel

Spell Byron Bay – the queens of social media with their lushes’ content, making you want to dive into their photos, always pretty, always inclusive & we all love their hazy, retro filters.

Spell Byron Bay

Three Bears - I hope you would like to come on my journey as I try and create photo’s that have colour and often pattern on pattern. I want my feed to include family, friends & colleagues, place that I love & all the best parts of my world. I would love your feedback, so I can grow!

Is Social Media Creating Narcissism & Delusional Aspirations

In leaving I guess I want to know why pretty but bland looks rate so much, is it that they are safe & people can see themselves with the look?


Thank you to Sammy, Jo, Elly & Rachael for being my models

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